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What is Reconstructionist Judaism?
Reconstructionist Judaism (our affiliation is with Reconstructing Judaism) is a progressive, contemporary approach to Jewish life which integrates a deep respect for traditional Judaism with insights and ideas of contemporary social, intellectual and spiritual life. (Click Here for more information)


Congregation Beth Am is an inclusive congregation.  We value all members, and recognize that we are all made b'tzelem (in the image of God). We welcome into our community singles, families, non-Jewish partners, the military and those new to the community.  

Are You a Potential Leader?

If you'd like to help run the congregation, there are roles you can fulfill such as: read Torah, Haftarah (in English or Hebrew), deliver a D'var Torah - contact Gary Kurzban if you would like to participate.  

Food at Beth Am

Many folks wonder why Beth Am has a policy of  “veggie-dairy” events.

By keeping to ovo-lacto vegetarian menus, Beth Am is able to insure most aspects of kashrut. When Beth Am began, we had several vegetarian members and wanted to make all feel welcome. Some people find it easier and less expensive to keep kosher when they need only one set of dishes, silverware, and cookware.

Fish (but NO shellfish) are permitted with dairy meals, so we enjoy salmon/lox, tuna salad and herring.

Where we differ from Orthodox practice falls in three areas:
(1)    We accept all cheeses, with or without kosher certification.
(2)    We accept foods that contain modest amounts of gelatin (which comes from animals), such as certain candies.
(3)    We accept as kosher all grape juice, rather than requiring kosher certification..

For those who keep strict kashrut, we will attempt to respect your needs.